Our Educational Model

Our Approach

Shanél Valley Academy State Preschool Program

Providing High Quality,
Early Learning Opportunities

Shanél Valley Academy operates a state preschool onsite in collaboration with the Mendocino County State Preschool Consortium. The program serves eligible 3 and 4 year olds five days a week.

To ensure a high quality program, we offer a well-planned, developmentally appropriate curriculum.  One of the most important aspects of a positive early education experience is the recognition of each child in the program as a unique individual. 

A place for young children to…

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A Journey of Exploration

Where young minds are encouraged to discover, inquire, and embrace the wonders of learning through hands-on experiences and imaginative play.


A Sense of Wonder

Sparking curiosity in the formative years and igniting a lifelong love for learning through enchanting experiences and joyful exploration.


Empower Creativity

Cultivating an environment where imagination flourishes, and individuality is celebrated through a myriad of artistic and creative experiences.

Nurturing young minds through innovative play-based learning.

At our preschool, we envision a vibrant and nurturing environment where every child’s innate curiosity is celebrated. Through a play-based program, we strive to foster creativity, social development, and a love for learning. Our commitment is to lay the foundation for lifelong success by embracing the joy of discovery, cultivating critical thinking, and building strong, confident individuals ready to embark on their educational journey.

What Makes Our Program Unique

Our Scratch-Cooked Meal Program

Our food program focuses on procuring local foods, engaging our students in educational activities related to food, health and the environment. We prepare three quality scratch meals daily. These include meals like smoothies and fresh baked breads, and chicken parmesan, while incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables from our school gardens. Breakfast, lunch and afterschool snack are FREE for all students! 

Extended Care Program

Our extended care program is a safe, positive environment that promotes student learning until 5:30pm each day. Our seamless learning experience from school to extended care program focuses on equitable, whole child learning opportunities. Students have daily access to art, music, outdoor play and literacy that supports school wide learning and culture goals.

Preserving natural curiosity about the world through play-based learning.

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