We welcome applications for employment.

We value the health and well-being of our educators, students, staff, and community. We offer a competitive benefits package for certificated staff that includes medical, dental and retirement savings benefits that is comparable to other local schools.

Shanél Valley Academy (SVA) educators will engage in ongoing professional development, technical assistance and support to employ a range of instructional practices that are central to our mission of providing safe and supportive learning environments that engage student agency and inspire curiosity. 

Central to our goal of success for all students is the need to individualize learning plans and differentiate instruction so that both high needs and high achieving students can be challenged to do their personal best. To support this approach we will build systems that support collaboration, data-based decision-making, innovative blended learning curriculum design and personalized learning plans for each student.  

At SVA, we encourage our educators to lead with their strengths, strive for continuous improvement, and support each other and their students to do and be their best.  

Open Positions Available


Student Support Specialists/Paraprofessionals are integral to the design and implementation of SVA’s instructional model of blended, personalized, place-based learning.

Food Service

Farm-to-Table Specialist manages the daily operations for the food services program for 130+ students. Duties also include supporting culinary clubs, school garden program and building the USDA Farm to School program.

Onboarding for new teachers and staff at SVA will include the following:

Our Organizational Structure

The Principal will report directly to the Shanél Valley Academy Board of Directors and will contribute to a collegial and collaborative culture of leadership among BOD members, teaching and support staff, parents and all members of the greater Hopland community. The Office/ Operations Manager will report directly to the Principal as will Teachers and content-area specialists. Student Support Specialists, enrichment providers, and enrichment coordinators will report to the lead teacher for the learning cohort for which they are assigned.

All employees, the leadership team, academic support personnel, and community stakeholders will collaborate across and within the SVA ecosystem to provide students with personalized academic and mental health supports and opportunities for high-quality enrichment, youth leadership, and environmental stewardship projects that build critical thinking and career-readiness skills essential for success in High school, civic participation in a healthy democracy, and success in college and career.

What to expect...

We will be starting this process in phases. We will start with the hiring and onboarding of our Principal and Office Manager, who will then help in the process of recruiting and hiring our educators. If you don’t hear from us, it is only because we haven’t reached the next phase of interviews. Be patient, and always feel free to reach out via email.

We are currently building out job summaries and qualifications for a variety of other positions. In total, we will hire 17 employees for the fall school year, opening our doors on September 7th. We hope to have these positions posted within the next 30-60 days.

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