Our Educational Model

Our Educational Model

Empowering Minds, Nurturing Futures: Where Community and Education Unite

Academic Excellence

We meet each student where they are and create a curriculum that develops them in a community as individuals with unique interests, personalities, and learning styles. We encourage personal expression, independent exploration, and academic excellence by helping define their goals and growth path.

Personalized Learning

Learning is personal and education should be, too. SVA is committed to meeting students where they are academically, socially, developmentally, and nurturing their positive growth through an innovative approach to education so that every student can reach his or her full potential.

Whole Child Approach

Recognizing that each student has diverse needs, we foster holistic development by nurturing their social, emotional, and physical well-being. We aim to cultivate not just knowledgeable minds, but resilient, compassionate, and well-rounded individuals prepared for success in both academics and life.

Project-Based Learning

Combining Personalized Learning with Project-Based Learning unleashes student agency. Students take ownership of their own education. PBL is a rigorous approach to deeper, active learning that challenges students to think critically and work collaboratively to discover solutions to questions grounded in complex, real-world scenarios.

Enriched Learning

Learning goes beyond textbooks. We provide an immersive educational experience where students explore, create, and connect concepts to real-world scenarios. Through hands-on activities, innovative projects, field trips and collaborative initiatives, we inspire a curiosity-driven approach to education to cultivate inspired learners.

Diverse & Inclusive

We believe that the diversity of our communities, and of the world at large, is a source of strength and key to our success in educating culturally empathetic global citizens. SVA students represent uniquely diverse and rich family histories which are celebrated throughout our project-based learning goals.

Inspiring and developing innovative, creative, problem solvers.